REI series

REI 300 series lug loader providing the future in lug loading today

Sawmill planer mil equipment design

high speed bin sorter and conversion package for esisting sorters (speeds up to 250 LPM plus)

  • high speed trimming
  • high speed stacking
  • High speeds

    Test runs at 300 lugs per minute with 100% fill

    Mixed rough and finished wood, 1*3, 2*3, 2*4, and 2*6

    Also runs at low speeds with the same efficiency

    Test runs with up to 18′ of backlog

    Safety features

    fully guarded

    hinged main guard for easy access

    bolted guards on non-access areas

    standard features

    Runs 3/4″ – 2″ thick lumber, Thicker lumber requires hydraulic lift system and minimal programing (Lift system is an option)

    No downgrading of lumber due to marking or scarring from machine process

    Due to the unique design of our disk, top rollers and hold back shoes the machine will not double load lumber

    Machine is driven by transfer it feeds on to and our infeed tail shaft acts as the head shaft of mill feed

    Heavy Duty steel tube frame

    Custom sizes available starting at 4′

    Ease of maintenence

    Shafts are all made to unbolt and lower out

    Our design has very few moving or wearable parts, thus there is very limited maintenence or downtime due to mechanical failure

    Ease of access to lower parts of machine through hinged air panel

    Ease of operation

    Minimal air system requirements, low pressure to run 8lbs and 50lbs to retract or lift, and lower hook-stops

    Limited electrical requirements, 110 volt controls and PLC space for hookups (8′ machine)

    REI 300 Series
    REI 300 Series
    REI 300 Series
    REI 300 Series
    REI 300 Series

    Catwalks, FOPS and rockguards

    FOPS Machine
    Rockguard Machine